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Site Build Support. Online Marketing Course. Shoot the HiPPO Book. Google Analytics Training. Footprint Digital Academy. Think with Footprint. 01206 899 517 Contact You are here: Home Analytics Conversion Bitesize Help How to set up Custom Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics. How to set up Custom Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics. Published on February 6, 2017 by Chris Ainsworth. What is more frustrating that under performing campaigns? Not having any data to tell you how a campaign is performing. In this post, we are going to look into how you can track clicks or visits from specific links or sources in Google Analytics using Customer Campaigns/UTM Tracking. Below is an overview of the sections, in case you want to jump straight in to a specific area. Equally if you want to find out more about tracking or SEO get in touch here.: What is UTM Tracking/Custom Campaign Tracking?
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Online UTM Builder - Free Google UTM Tracking Code Generator.
Copy and paste the URL from the UTM Builder UTM Generator into Bitly and you will be given a shortened link that can be used on any marketing material. Once a user visits your site, having the UTM parameters in the URL bar of your browser can be annoying. The folks over at Wistia created an awesome script that will erase the UTM parameters after Google Analytics had time to log it.
What is a UTM code? Sprout Social. Sprout Social Login. Bambu Login. Sprout Social Login. Bambu Login.
For instance, you might use this parameter to evaluate the difference in impact between two Facebook campaigns. Content: If you have multiple links that are all sending users to the same URL, the content parameter will track which link drove the most traffic. Keyword term: Finally, with the term parameter, youll track which keyword your website visitor found you with. Benefits of using a UTM code. A UTM code is a powerful way to track additional information about your campaigns through Google Analytics.
10 FAQs About UTM Parameters You Need to Know Updated Terminus Blog.
You dont really add any UTM code to Google Analytics. As mentioned earlier, all you need to do is add UTM codes to your URLs and use them in your marketing campaigns. Google Analytics script on your website will automatically add those UTM codes to your reports. Get started with Terminus. The quickest and easiest way to create UTM links in bulk while following your complex UTM strategy. Sign Up Now. Bonus: How To Build and Manage UTM URLs?
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If you do it the right way, every single action you take for your online marketing efforts can be quantified. A UTM code is a tracking code that you add at the end of a URL. Creating UTM codes to track your campaigns on Google Analytics takes only two minutes.
Campaign URL Builder for Google Analytics EasyAutoTagging. EasyAutoTagging. EasyAutoTagging.
Google Analytics serves as a reporting tool to view campaign performance. You can create UTM Codes with the Google Campaign URL Builder. The UTM Builder generates custom links to track your campaigns. After a user clicks a custom link the UTM Parameter values will be passed to Google Analytics.
The Simplest UTM Link Maker Link Management Platform.
Auto-connect with Google Analytics - no code or tech. UTM tracking links are automatically saved in the reporting dashboard so you can see stats in nice simple graphs. Campaign data is storedfor as long as you need it. Tracking Productivity Better Results, Faster. Analytics URL Builder Tool, Link Shortener Campaign Performance Management Packed in Simple Tool that Fuels Productivity.
UTM Builder - Generate UTM Codes with Free Google URL Builder.
Difficult to manage as they grow larger and your requirements complex. When to use it: When you build around 5 to 20 URLs per month. UTM Tag Management Software. A better way to organize UTM links is to use a UTM builder and management tool which can greatly simplify your UTM management even for large teams and complext UTM strategy.
Campaign URL Builder - GoSquared.
Easily generate UTM parameters to keep track of your campaigns in analytics tools such as Google Analytics, GoSquared Analytics, and more. Your Webpage URL. Your Campaign Name. Email Banner CPC CPM Article Social Custom. Copy URL Complete all the required fields and we will generate a URL for you here to be used in your campaigns. Campaign URL Builder. When you would like to track that a link to your site had been clicked, you can add 'UTM' parameters'' to the end of the URL.
UTM Builder - Google URL Tracking Code Generator.
Kissmetrics has the ability to track first touch and last touch UTMs without any extra configuration. Checkout this support article to learn more. CampaignTracker is a leading Link Management platform used by businesses to maintain accurate UTM tagged links across digital marketing campaigns and experiences. Works with Slack. Simple UTM Builder.

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