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Joseph PiƱeiro, SEO Manager at www.360training.com.: The most creative link building strategy weve implemented is the scholarship link building. Were currently in the process of it. This is a white hat link building technique where were creating a legitimate, biannual scholarship and marketing it to high schools and colleges around the country via email marketing campaigns.
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At Boom, our Digital PR specialists are extremely passionate about link building, the effect it can have on SEO and the reputation of your website as a whole. We know what improves your search results. Thats why we offer a link building service as part of our creative content marketing - from research and content ideation, right through to analysis and reporting - so you know that the results you get will be lasting ones. Ready to improve your link profile? Get in touch.
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What does this mean? It means that when you publish a blog post, for example, other relevant sites will pick it up and post it alongside a link back to the source. Some sites republish the full thing, whereas others publish an excerpt and link to the full post on your site. Heres a syndicated version of our recent local SEO guide on another site.: Read our full guide to content syndication to learn precisely how to do this. Community site link building. Most people focus on building ONLY the highest quality links. This is a good thing, on the whole. But let me ask you a question: do you think that a genuinely natural backlink profile consists of only followed, editorial links from high DR websites? Of course not. Thats why its important to build links from other sources too. Forums, message boards, Reddit, Quora, etc-these are all good places to market your website and, in the process, build some relevant links to diversify your backlink profile. This is something we do at Ahrefs. Now, I know what most of you are thinking: Josh, arent such links nofollowed?
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It is a strategy that is built on numbers, and it is one that tends to fail when placed alongside creative link building. While SEO is very much a mathematical discipline, it is not something that can be perfected through link quantity in place of quality.
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Through backlink placements on these websites, you will be able to improve your website's' domain authority, which will, in turn, improve your website's' overall SEO value and search engine visibility. Expert link building advice.: Now you know how to use link building for SEO so you can improve search ranking, leads, and sales. If you've' never conducted a link building campaign before, now might be the time to give it a try and experience this powerful tool for yourself. Next, check out our article on how to Capture Backlinks From Your Competitors so you acquire high-authority, niche-specific links that are hiding in plain sight. Interested in Growing Your Organic Traffic? Contact us to learn more about our link building strategies and other creative SEO tactics we use to grow our clients'' brands online. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Questions or Comments. Solutions Menu Toggle. Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization. Resources Menu Toggle. Book A Strategy Call.
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Partnering" with influencers to build authority is one of the less well-known but extremely effective link building strategies. Many influencers serve as freelance writers through their own blogs or as contributors to some of the top publications. Brands can partner with influencers and receive a review and/or links in exchange for a brand product or service." Create Content for a Niche Audience. If you have a less established profile, it would be a bit difficult to get links from sites with a high Domain Authority. The way out is creating content that is targeted to a small-sized audience. Smaller niches have fewer people creating content for them. The competition less than broad niches. Think longtail and Bottom Of Funnel keywords. a company that sells clothing for different body sizes could create content for plus size women. a project management app could create content targeting freelancers. You would then reach out to websites within that category-where that audience could be browsing-and ask them to share. Heres an example email from Buzzstream. Outreach to an editor of a niche publication.
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Link building offers SEO value in the form of authority signals and referral traffic. Common types of link building. There are many ways to build backlinks - and well talk about them later on in this article. But at a high level, the most common link building strategies include.: Direct or email outreach. Creating how-to guides or tools. Running Public Relations campaigns. Fixing broken links. These are the most common linkbuilding tips you will find mentioned in most guides. These strategies are relatively easy to understand, but succeeding with these link building tactics depends greatly on the competitiveness of your market, content, and industry. Benefits of link building for websites. So how does link building help SEO for your website? Link building is an SEO technique that helps website owners increase their organic search ranking by providing relevance cues and lending authority to a website. Having a high number of quality backlinks helps Google interpret your website as credible. Here is why link building is important for SEO.: Credibility - Quality backlinks are essentially votes of confidence from relevant websites saying that your website provides helpful, accurate, and engaging information.
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That puts a lot of pressure on our content to deliver a good mix of organic links that will support our clients SEO strategy in the long term. There is no way to do this unless you produce content that is relevant to the business yet creative enough to capture peoples attention. Here are some examples of our creative approach to relevance in link building.:
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Additional benefits of link building. Link building usually requires outreach to other relevant websites in your industry. A common goal of outreach is to get a link, but it can also help you build connections with key people in your industry. These relationships can help your business become respected and trusted. Links can also drive qualified traffic to your website. If it is a relevant website, the chances are that the traffic is also appropriate and may lead to sales or enquiries. A link building service to support your SEO. At Hedgehog, we understand how to use link building to support your SEO goals. We use a trusted process that has assisted businesses to outperform their peers in competitive sectors. First, we understand precisely what your website needs to rank well. Then, using a combination of creativity and experience, we develop a link building campaign that gives your website the authority it needs. We build links from places where theres an actual audience that will see your link and click on it to visit your website. Get Started Now. Industry Leading Partners. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Want the inside scoop from Hedgehog HQ?
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Here we go! 4 Creative Link Building Techniques That Go Beyond Quality Content. Develop a free tool. The content that performs the best online is always incredibly actionable. Most blogs these days know that, and expect the same from their contributors. Just look at the SEMrush blog guidelines -they want content thats educational and that uses screenshots to teach the reader. However, even when you create in-depth content that solves the pain points of your audience, most readers wont take action. Indeed, Jakob Nielsen demonstrated long back how the 1 rule is prevalent in online communities-90 of users are lurkers, and 9 contribute occasionally. This is where developing a free tool comes in. Instead of telling your audience to perform certain actionable steps, you show them the solution. Neil Patel has long believed in tools as a content type.

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